Vadal Motor Oil & Lubricants

Company Profile

Benefit from our long time experience in automotive lubricants and motor oil distribution.
N. Papadimitriou & Co., Ltd was founded in 1982 and since then has been active in the field of lubricant trade, as a distributor of well-known brands, such as BP, CASTROL, AVIN, ARAL, MOBIL. It has gained great recognition and cooperates with a wide range of companies, from petrol and car service stations to technical agencies, earthworks companies, industries, auto sales representatives etc.

Aiming to supreme customer service and considering our clients’ demands and useful remarks concerning the quality and quantity of the products we trade, we are now launching VADAL motor oil and lubricants. This brand new series of lubricants is of excellent quality and is designed to meet the needs of all types of petrol and diesel engines, even those of the latest-technology.

The headquarters of our company is in Corinth, Peloponnese and is a wholesale distributor of lubricants and motor oils, gearbox oils, hydraulic oils and agricultural machinery lubricants, providing exceptional service both to professionals all around Greece and abroad.
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