Vadal Motor Oil & Lubricants

Engine Oil Specifications & Lubricant Production

ISO certified lubricant production of premium quality adhering to API & ACEA specifications.
VADAL lubricants is a complete series of premium quality engine oil ideal both for petrol and diesel engines, hydraulic systems, gearboxes and agricultural machinery. They ensure excellent performance of any engine in low and high temperature, as well as under extreme pressure conditions and freight transfer.

VADAL motor oil and lubricants are ISO certified when it comes to production and packaging processes. They absolutely meet the demands of all vehicles and over fulfil the specifications of globally acknowledged institutes and automobile manufacturers such as the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA).

The first-rate raw material used for VADAL lubricant production renders them as effective and reliable as respective products promoted by well-known motor oil brands, thus they are a cost-effective choice for all types and makes of automobiles. (MAN, SCANIA, VOLVO, RENAULT, MERCEDES BENZ etc.)  

Engine Oil Specifications & Classifications
ACEA petrol and diesel engine oil rankings (old rankings: valid till 1/11/06)
Petrol Engines Light Duty Diesel Engines Heavy Duty Diesel Engines
Α1: Fuel economy Β1: Fuel economy Ε1: Low performance
Α2: Average  performance Β2: Average  performance Ε2: Average  performance
Α3: High performance Β3: High performance Ε3: SHPD: Euro I, II
Α4: for FSI engines Β4: for FSI engines E4: USHPD: Euro I, II, III
    E5: E4 + Reduced exhaust emission
ACEA petrol and diesel engine oil rankings (new rankings: valid from 1/11/04)
Petrol Engines / Light Duty Diesel Engines Heavy Duty Diesel Engines
Old New  
Α1 / Β1 C1 Ε2: Average performance
Α3 / Β3 C2 Ε2: SHPD: Euro I, II, III
Α3 / Β4 C3 Ε6: USHPD: Euro IV with soot filter
Α4 / Β5   E7: USHPD: Euro IV without soot filter
API petrol and diesel engine oil rankings
Petrol Engines Diesel Engines Gear Oils
SF (1980) CD (1955) GL-1 Light operating conditions
SG (1989) CF (1983) GL-2 Average operating conditions
SH (1994) CF (1994) GL-3 Tough operating conditions
SJ (1996) CF-4 (1990) GL-4 Very tough operating conditions
SL (2001) CG-4 (1994) GL-5 Mainly for hypoid cogs
SM (2004) CH-4 (1998)  
  CI-4 (2002)  
  CJ-4 (2006)  
VADAL Lubricants are provided in the following packages for wholesale distribution:
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