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GearBox Oil

Trust VADAL gearbox oil for ultra protection and durability at harsh operation conditions.
For the lubrication of gearboxes and differentials VADAL provides excellent quality gearbox oils. VADAL synthetic gear oil for cars and trucks ensures protection of the cogwheels against wear, durability at heavy operation conditions and reduces gearbox noise for an extended period of time.
Vadal Motor Oil & Lubricants VADAL FULL SYNTHETIC
SAE 75W-90
API: GL-5/GL-4, MB 342SL, MAN 342SL, MAN 3343L, SCANIASTO 1:0, VOLVO 97312, ZF TE-ML 07A/08/12 B, ZF TE ML-16F/17B, MT-1
High quality synthetic gear oil. This advanced technology gearbox oil is ideal for the lubrication of gear boxes operating under heavy conditions.
Vadal Motor Oil & Lubricants VADAL GEAR BOX 5
SAE 80W-90
API: GL-5, MB 235.0, MAN 342.N, ZF TE-ML 05A/07A/08, ZF TE 12A/16C/17B
Fortified gear oil for gear boxes and hypoid type differential gears. It over fulfils manufacturer specifications.
Vadal Motor Oil & Lubricants VADAL GEAR BOX 4
SAE 80W-90
API: GL-4, MB 235.1, MAN 341.N, ZF TE-ML 02A/08, ZF TE 12A/17B
VADAL gear-box oil is provided in the following packages for wholesale distribution:
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