Vadal Motor Oil & Lubricants

Hydraulic Oil

Premium hydraulic oil making the difference in the protection and maintenance of hydraulic systems.
The VADAL brand new series of motor oil provides hydraulic systems oil of premium quality protecting them against oxidation, rust and wear. Hydraulic systems oil and hydraulic fluid ensure the durability of both the filter and the lubricant.
Vadal Motor Oil & Lubricants VADAL HYDRAULICS
ISO 32, 46, 68, 100
DIN: 51524 PART II, ANFOR NF E 48603, VICKERS M-2950-S, AGMA 250.03, CINCINNATI MIL P-68-69-70
High quality hydraulic oil for systems operating under extreme operating conditions. The VADAL hydraulic oil provides protection against corrosion and oxidation minimizing foaming and wear.
VADAL hydraulic oil is provided in the following packages for wholesale distribution:
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