Vadal Motor Oil & Lubricants Greece

A most effective solution for petrol and diesel engine protection achieving high performance with the lowest cost! The brand new suggestion for the protection of any diesel and petrol
engine comes by N. Papadimitriou & Co., Ltd., a company with long experience in the trade and distribution of lubricants and motor oils in Greece
, boasting great knowledge in the field of synthetic motor oils, valvolines, hydraulic oils etc.

VADAL is a new brand of motor oil and lubricants in Greece competing against some of the most well-known lubricant manufacturers on the market. VADAL motor oil and lubricants are manufactured with high quality raw material and comply with ISO standards, when it comes to production and packaging methods, meeting the highest standards of established institutes and automobile manufacturers.

If you are looking for high performance synthetic motor oil and lubricants for low fuel consumption and longevity of your car engine even in extreme conditions, just like world-renowned brands guarantee, trust VADAL motor oil and lubricants Greece.
How do we manage to provide you with the optimum cost-effective solution in lubricants and synthetic motor oils for petrol and diesel engines in the Greek market? VADAL motor oils and lubricants are high performance products free from advertising and high budget operating expenses compared to multinational companies. This way they are promoted at very competitive rates and are an extremely effective solution, concerning cost and performance, making them ideal for a great deal of applications.

  • State-of-the-art production & packaging processes complying with ISO
  • Adherence to the standards of global institutions, such as API & ACEA
  • Excellent performance in extreme conditions
  • Low fuel consumption & and engine longevity
  • Low cost due to absence of advertising expenses
  • Raw material of supreme quality
  • Immediate delivery in 2 days due to large quantity in stock

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